Our mission

Connect Boyle Heights is an initiative of entrepreneurial unity by local minded and spirited business owners in the historic neighborhoods of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. As a means to facilitate consumer access, and support one another and the community, the Connect Boyle Heights businesses are about providing quality food and services, exceptional customer service, and a spirit of service, all under one banner.

From exquisite Meso American offerings, to savory tacos, to vast variety of vegan options and delicious desserts, Connect Boyle Heights food providers take pride in sourcing locally and hiring locally to further support and advance the local community.   

We did it for our businesses

  United in cause, Connect Boyle Heights businesses listed also work as a collaborative network to provide community food giveaways and meals for the less fortunate, as well as massive Toy Drive collection at Christmas to ensure no child in Boyle Heights celebrates the holidays without the blessings of toys, food and a beautiful spirit of community.


I hope you enjoy our offerings and continue to support our establishments, as we seek in turn to support each other and the beautiful community of Boyle Heights.

2020 by Connect Boyle Heights